Create an app for your restaurant

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Create an app for your restaurant

It’s pretty mortifying when you forget to eat a thorough breakfast and your stomach ends up making noises that sound like a whale’s cry, breaking the pin-drop silent atmosphere while you’re at work or in class.

Instead of picking up your phone to scroll through pictures of food, don’t you think it would be a better idea to use an app to actually get some food?

If you create a mobile application for your restaurant, you will be able to cater (no pun intended) to this problem that the public faces.

You will be able to develop marketing channels, increase customers and more without spending a fortune.

So, what features should your app have?

Loyalty services

With this feature, there will be no need for customers to need to dig through their wallets for discount cards. Instead, they’ll be able to use their phones to get special deals!
The restaurant will also not need to physically keep track of such things, as it will all be done via phones.

With the use of some sort of code, the enterprise can record a certain purchase, and the customer will be notified when they have spent enough to receive loyalty services.

Send notifications

These can help you easily update customers on deals and news about your restaurant. Just post short, eye-catching statuses about the restaurant and these will appear on the customers’ smartphones.
Coupons by location tracking

Once upon a time, people were employed to go on the streets and advertise. Now, however, you can use your application to inform all customers within a certain range about any offers or special events so that they can come by.

In addition to this, your customers will be able to ‘check in’ when they are at the restaurant, which attracts more people. You can offer rewards for customers that check in to promote your restaurant even more.

Digital menu

Having a menu on one’s smartphone is a huge plus. You can sit at home and decide what to ask your friend to bring for you without them having to describe the entire menu over a phone call.
This, in turn, will increase your customers due to the ease of ordering.

Ordering food on your app

To end sudden bouts of hunger, customers should be able to order and pay directly from the app.
In-app ordering should allow customers to immediately place an order that will be sent to the kitchen, and should also provide an ‘order history’ to make it easy to re-order things customers may have previously gotten.

Reserving tables

Customers should be able easily to reserve seats with their app. Knowing that they won’t have to spend hours waiting for a table will definitely encourage more people to come to your restaurant.


Lastly, use the application to gain internet fame by asking customers to make a referral to their social media accounts about how they liked your business.

In addition to that, customers should be able to call the business through the app for questions or comments, and the app should also be able to synchronize with the mobile phone to provide directions to the restaurant, if necessary.

All in all, in this age of technology, an app for your business is a must. If you want your restaurant to flourish, spend some time creating a state of the art application with all the features listed above, and you will rise way above competitors.

Go and get started!

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