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    Justin Erickson

    The app will not give access to the phone’s hardware. It only gives options to view files.

    I NEED the camera option for users to upload images. I will not tell my users to close the app, take a picture, open the app and upload the file.

    The app will not access any of the phone’s hardware. All permissions are good in the developer. Also says permissions are good in the app installed. Tried on many different devices with all of them granting all permissions and it still will not access the camera or any hardwear.

    I have created 5 applications now and ALL have the problem.

    This is not a problem on mobile view. It gives access to everything just fine in mobile view. This is a problem within the app!

    This is the second month I paid for gold. I been asking for this to be fixed going on 2 months now. Sent around 10 emails on this problem alone.

    Can someone please fix this so I can release this app to my users.

    Site URL:
    App URL:

    I already gave administrator access to WordPress.
    Gave access to the FTP account.
    Gave access to my developers account.


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