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    Håvard Rosenlund


    I have an issue when trying to create an app for my BuddyPress website.

    The Opening Page has a bunch of login and registration fields all over it. How do I remove this?

    Is there a way of having people logging in or registering before hitting the Opening Page? And if they’ve done it once, they do not need to do it again unless they log out from inside the app.

    I also wonder if it is possible to have all the web pages that are accessible inside the app fit within the app theme, and not look exactly like they do on the website?

    I might also add that I missed the 3 first steps you do when you install the plugin, as I clicked on “clear cache” after installing the plugin, and the option of going through those steps disappeared and I can’t get them back, even by deactivating and reactivating the plugin. Could this be causing the issue I have?


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