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The Benefits of Market Your WordApp Mobile App to Your Clients

If you have a brand new WordApp mobile app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you can’t depend on your customers to look you up and download your app. Marketing your app will bring in extra revenue for your business or blog, but you’ll have to do some leg work if you want to see steady downloads. Of course, if you don’t have much experience marketing a mobile app, you may not know where to begin.


If you don’t tell your readers about your new app, no one will. The first thing you should do is let the world know about your new mobile app by posting it on your site, sharing it via social media, and sending out an exciting email blast. This should get you some initial downloads, but you’ll need to keep up the momentum if you want to see steady use.

You should also communicate with your customers why your app is beneficial to them. Remind them that they always have their phone, and now they can easily access your website or blog anywhere, anytime. Your app will also be faster and easier to use than your website. If they want to check your latest post really quick, your app is perfect for that!


One of the best features of having a WordApp mobile app is that it allows you to easily communicate and engage with your readers. Today’s Internet users have become extremely jaded when it comes to email, so sending them weekly newsletters or email blasts is no longer the best way to reach them. With social media, you have to depend on your followers looking at their feeds at the right time. With mobile apps, however, you can send notifications directly to their phones and tablets. Your readers can then click on the notification to go directly to your app to read your latest blog or snag some great sale prices.

App Costs

Because mobile apps are in high demand, the price of mobile app development is extremely high. If you try to hire an app development professional, you could be paying a small fortune just to release a free mobile app on the Play Store or App Store. For many bloggers and businesses, this is simply not an option.

The good news is that with WordApp, you are the developer! This plugin allows you to easily turn your website or blog into a mobile app, which you can then market to your customers. Set up is easy, and the plugin allows you to fully customize your app, meaning you never have to pay an app developer.

If you’re itching to get your website or blog on the App or Play store but don’t have the budget for an app developer, the WordApp plugin is the perfect way to go mobile with your site!

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