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WordApp is a new feature added to WordPress that allows you to create, view and make changes to your applicaton all these with a few clicks easy? Isn’t it? No need to worry anymore. Sit back and relax and follow these few simple steps am going to outline to you that will make life much easier when it comes application building through WordApp.

Recently the new features that have been launched are able to preview full app inside your browser.

These are 9 simple steps for you to preview your mobile app in WordApp

1. Login to wordpress back-end.

To use WordApp first you have to login to the wordpress back-end, once you have logged in on the right side of the screen there will be a column highlighted in black, there is a section written WordApp and it there is App Builder, click on the App Builder and it will bring you to your App Builder screen.

2. Preview button

On the left side of your App Builder screen there are two preview buttons one on top the other at the bottom of the preview my app section showing “Preview your app in full” click on any of them.

3. A pop-up screen will appear scroll down the screen you will find an API number entry space; below it there are three steps to be followed in order for you to get your API number. Click on the link in the first step to request for your API number.

4. The link will take you to which allows you to view your android and iphone applications on the browser. Here is where you request your API token. There is an entry box where you enter your e-mail, and then you click on the request button. On clicking the request button a message will be sent to the e-mail address that you entered. Go to your e-mail.

5. Open your email and go to the message sent by the You will get the message “Your API token is ready” with some other information and your API token number. Copy the API token number you have been assigned.

6. Go back to wordapp and copy your API token number onto the API number entry box and click on add, it will take you to another page showing you that your app is waiting to be generated with more information on the page, read through the information then close the pop-up screen.

7. Go back to the word app and fill every application details you want correctly then click on Publish app.

8. Click on publish android app a pop-up screen will occur; click ok to send to your developers a message.

9. In a few hours you will receive your app go to WordApp and click on “Preview your up in full” a pop-up screen will occur and you will be able to see the full app that you have created on WordApp.

Thats how to build your app and view it using WordApp and in our browser. Simple and easy steps you can easily follow. Hope you now know how to view and create your app on the browser.

Have an awesome day!

– Dave

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