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Statistics are an important part of our daily lives and it’s been a long-awaited feature which was developed based on the feedback from our amazing users.

We have started simply with the number of downloads for each platform, listed by date and the platform. We intend on improving it by adding daily usage stats and even going deeper geolocalising hits.

We hope to be launching the plugin update next week.

Other updates include:

  • Fixed the redirect problem – Some users have had problems with the opening page.
  • Making the setup better.
  • Better preview functions.
  • Fixed a problem not allowing the to change the colors of font in the top & bottom bar.
  • YouTube videos will now open in a sperate window. Google no longer allow us to embed directly video which caused problems. Now, the videos will open in a browser.
  • Hiding the slideshow tab for themes that are not compatible.

If you have any great ideas to improve #WordApp please don’t hesitate to send me your feedback on our facebook group:



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