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Only a few days ago the mobile world was hit by a revolution. I was reading through the google developers G+ and this information shoot out at me “App Indexing” for iOS9. That’s right google will now be indexing iOS apps in their search engine. What a game changer, for years here at app-developers we have believed in apps and this really will make a huge difference.

“If you set up your iOS app for app indexing, you’ll start seeing your app content in Safari on iOS at the end of October” – Mariya Moeva announced on her G+ timeline.

Imagine the power of being able to search for a local restaurant that sells curry on a Friday night and finding their mobile app in the search engine. Instead of going to the site and never seeing the customer again. Your client downloads your app to their mobile phone where they can find directions, stock their loyalty card, even pay for their food in-app and once they have left they will get push notification updates and still easily find your icon on their smartphone home screen. The power of apps just got bigger.

It no longer matters if you are a small niche blog, if your app is indexed for the right keywords people will naturally install your app, increasing your potential of daily reach and loyalty. This is a major step forward for the future of apps and mobile marketing.

So how is it done? It’s pretty simple.

  • Integrate the app indexing to your app
  • Create a website that corresponds to your apps’ content
  • Connect everything together and verify
  • Voilà and your all set to go!

Of course here at app-developers we will be integrating a solution for WordApp.

Thanks to the power of WordPress and our plugin your apps now can have the power of all the big names. Create mobile apps that sync with your website. Here at app-developers our aim is to bring mobile apps to people who want the flexibility of wordpress but don’t have the time or the budget to create a mobile app. We want to bring mobile apps to people who know how to install a plugin but have never written a line of code in their lives. And last of all we really hate coping and pasting the same content between 2 CMS systems, so why not keep both your wordpress website and app under the same hat.

Whether you are small business that wants to extend your reach or a web entrepreneur creating the next facebook app. WordPress’s backbone structure and 50,000+ plugins can help you to build your business and our free plugin can convert this in to an app.

App indexing is going to be the next revolution in mobile marketing. At last apps have a real way of getting visibility outside of the Appstore.  Don’t miss out!

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