What are push notifications?

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Most mobile users get dozens of phone notifications a day. Some come from friends and family saying hello via text, and some are from the apps they use on their devices; however, many users don’t understand the difference between standard notifications and mobile push notifications. Although they serve the same purpose, to notify you that someone is trying to reach you, they do differ significantly if you’re a mobile app creator.

Marketing Communication


If you’re a business or blogger, you know there are many ways to reach your readers and customers. You can email, call, or use your social media to reach them. If they agree, you can even send them text messages about your latest sales or posts. However, if you create a mobile app, you have a fantastic opportunity to communicate with your audience mobile push notifications.

Aren’t Texts Better?


You may think the best way to reach your audience is via text. After all, doesn’t everyone check their text messages? It’s always exciting to get a text from someone, right? Unfortunately, not everyone is thrilled to get a text from a business. First, they might not have unlimited text messaging, which means you’re costing them money. It can also become increasingly annoying for customers to continue to receive text messages from you, altering their opinion of your business.


Mobile push notifications, on the other hand, are a part of your mobile app. If a customer or reader downloads your app, they are probably really interested in receiving updates from you. These notifications also allow your customers to press the notification and go straight to your app, making it easier for them to access your new blog or check out your latest special.


Much like consumer text messaging plans, business plans cost money. At the volume businesses send marketing texts, it can become very expensive to market to your customers this way. When you use a WordPress plugin to create your mobile app, you can ditch that large mobile plan and send your push notifications for free. Notifications cost nothing for you to send, greatly freeing up your marketing budget for other great projects.

Opting Out


Unfortunately, some of your users may not enjoy your push notifications. The good news is mobile apps make it easy for your users to easily change their notification settings while still keeping your app on their phone. This means even though you’re not sending them messages, they will still be able to go to your app for the latest information and notifications. With text messages, your customers will opt out and never hear from you again!

If you’ve used a WordPress plugin like WordApp to create a mobile app, you have a great way to interact with your customers built right in! Now, you don’t have to worry about large mobile plans, simply send your clients information via mobile push notification!

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  • how to make a notification in my app?

    trisno February 25, 2016 6:53 am
    • Hi Trisno,
      Have you upgraded to a premium account?

      admin February 25, 2016 7:15 pm
    • If you install the WordApp plugin you will find loads of step-by-step videos on how to add Push notification.

      admin April 13, 2016 10:01 am

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