Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App?

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In the current restaurant market, mobile apps are quickly becoming a must-have for every business. If you own a restaurant, you know how frustrating it can be to keep your customer attendance steady. Business volume varies not only from season to season, but even by the hour. Fortunately, if you create a mobile app, you can use it to control some of the most difficult aspects about your restaurant, including ordering, billing, and tracking customer trends.

The Price of Apps


While mobile apps are a fantastic way to streamline your operations, mobile app development can be incredibly costly. App developers charge high rates for their services and creating a mobile app takes several months, meaning you’ll be paying a small fortune for development. Luckily, the WordApp WordPress plugin allows you to create a mobile app yourself, saving you thousands. This mobile app builder is completely customizable, so you can change your theme, menus, and other functions without needing the help of a high cost developer.


The Benefits of Your App


Now that you know you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a mobile app if you use options like a WordPress plugin, you may be wondering what benefits a mobile app will have for your business and your customers.


  • Reservations: You probably already have a system which allows your customers to make reservations on your website. However, your customers probably have access to their phone more than their computers. Allowing them to make reservations with your app is much easier and more accessible for your diners.
  • Online Ordering: This standard restaurant feature is quickly moving into the mobile sphere. As mentioned earlier, your customers are almost always near their phones, and being able to order straight from your app is a huge convenience for busy people needing to grab dinner on their way home.
  • Engagement: One of the best things about mobile apps is the ability to send notifications directly to your customers on their phones. People tend to ignore promotional emails, and social media only works when your customers log on and see your posts. With mobile apps, the notifications not only go directly to their phones, they also open your app, allowing your customers to order your newest dish or check out your specials.
  • Information: Sometimes, your diners just need to get some general information about your business. If they are lost en route to your restaurant, an embedded map can be a great tool to help them find you. They may also just want to check out your menu or hours. Although they can look this up online, having a mobile app helps them find your information easily, and while they are in your app they can go ahead and make a reservation.


Mobile apps are quickly becoming a must-have for any business, especially restaurants. Having a well-developed mobile app makes reservations, to-go orders, and promotions extremely easy for your busy restaurant. Luckily, with WordPress plugins, you don’t have to worry about the high prices of app developers. WordApp can help you create a custom mobile app for your business and customers!

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