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WordApp 1.16 is finally here!

After several months of hard work and debugging (thanks to our amazing community), WordApp 1.16 is finally here. Full of new features and bug fixes this version is truly an improvement on 1.15.

You can download the new update here : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordapp-mobile-app/

Here are some of the new features and fixes :

• More themes.
–  Ten new themes for your app.
• A big decrease in size
 – One of our biggest complaints about WordApp was it’s size. Weighing in at over 46MB many servers were just simply refusing to install it causing all sorts of frustration.
Now WordApp 1.2 is less than 7MB and can pretty much be installed on any server.

•  Splash screen fixed
 – Android never had a default splash screen or loading message when you launched the app you were greeted with a white screen whilst the app launched. Not no more… You have a beautiful splash screen which fades out into the background once the app ist loaded. Neat!
• Faster speed between pages
• Loading messages between loads

Some awesome new add-ons :

  • QR Code reader
  • Geo-Fenced push notifications
  • Native Share facebook, twitter, email etc..

Our new help section is here.

After trying several help desks and gmail to provide support for you. We have finally decided to use Zendesk to give you the best possible help section & support.
OK it isn’t perfect yet but we are adding daily content & it’s a darn site better than before :).

Visit our help center: http://support.app-developers.biz/

Keeping in with the tradition of WordPress

like other software, apps & plugins we decided to give our release a name. WordPress name their releases after great jazz men & women, OS X named releases after distinct California landmarks. So, after much debate we decided to name our releases after great boxers from around the world.

WordApp 1.16 will be referred to WordApp Lennox named after Lennox Lewis. Lennox Lewis is regarded by many as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, and also as the greatest British fighter of all time.

You can read more about Lennox here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lennox_Lewis

As a last note

Our special launch price “From only $2.99/mo” for premium. Is going up next week. The offer was meant to last only 3 months and we decided to carry it on for another month. But the time has come to make the increase.

So, don’t miss out on this special price.

Get your iOS & android app from only $2.99/mo.


Please note that anyone subscribing before next Monday will not see an increase in Price.

To look forward to :

Here are some of the things we are planning on doing next week.

We are alway open to ideas please send them to support@app-developers.biz.

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